Greetings from your fellow WAFA members and friends in New Zealand. We, the Host Committee of WAFA NZ wish to extend a very warm welcome to our beautiful country. It is with great excitement that we have booked and planned passionately for the WAFA Seminar, now a Virtual Tour, that is to be held in the South Island in the Autumn of 2021. A wonderful time with burnished colourings around every corner.

Show time will also be in Autumn in the North Island in 2024 and the welcome will be just as warm. Negotiations and space allocations for the venue, are being defined as I write in October, 2019. A large variety of quality accommdation can be found almost adjacent to the venue.

We acknowledge that flight times are often long, SO, consider making it a worthwhile holiday and try some post show tours. The country’s geography is diverse and well worth seeing.

We look forward to catching up with you all in India and sharing more exciting news.


Nancy Murphy