Flora Aotearoa – World Show Cancelled.

by | Jul 5, 2021 | News

With deep sadness and heavy hearts, we announce the cancellation of the WAFA NZ World
Show 2024 ‘Flora Aotearoa’.
The cancellation will be an enormous disappointment, not only to our own Society members
who were looking forward to hosting and attending the Show, but also to WAFA Ltd and our
global floral art community.

This is not a decision we have taken lightly but there are overriding concerns that have caused
us to make this decision at this time.
First, is the increased and overwhelming concerns about the COVID-19 virus, the current spread
of the Delta variant, the potential for further variants, and the strict and frequently-imposed
Government restrictions, which have kept New Zealanders safe. All indications point to a highly
probable and continuing model where inbound visitors to New Zealand will be required to
adhere to strict mitigation measures, if in fact they are granted a visa.
Second, is the responsibility we feel towards WAFA Ltd, our members, sponsors and partners,
overseas registrants and visitors who will fund the show. In an ideal world we would wait and
see. But, we are in the real world, and we cannot, in all good conscience, ask our members to
continue to invest money, or approach partners and sponsors knowing the potential risks.
These factors, combined with doubts as to the number of registrants who will be in a position to
make a commitment to attend and pay sixteen (16) months in advance when registration and
competitions entries are sent out, have led us to the conclusion the only option is to cancel the
WAFA NZ World Show 2024.
We want to make it very clear that we have made this decision based purely on the facts as we
know them today and, importantly for the Management Board of Floral Art Society of NZ Inc.,
based on the responsibility and genuine care we feel for all our members and the global floral
art community.

We are grateful for the support that has been shown to us by the WAFA Ltd Board and overseas
members. Quite rightly many of you see yourselves as friends and members of the extended
New Zealand floral art family, which is precisely why we’ve thought long and hard in the past
few months, before making this decision.

Thanks go to the Auckland staff of ATEED and100% Pure, for their generous support of WAFA NZ,
and donations and sponsorship for the promotion in India. We also acknowledge the hours of
work behind the scenes with Tony Dickson from Auckland Conventions, Venues & Events.
We intend to keep morale high and, together with WAFA member countries around the world,
to focus on collective efforts to rebuild confidence and advocate the power of floral art to aid a
positive recovery for the future.

Once again, we are thankful for the support that has been shown to us, and we are here to
support others as we all work through these difficult times.

Together in flowers
Marianne Gibson
FASNZ President