by | Dec 14, 2020 | News

Members of the Show Scheduling Committee, Linda Barnett and Patricia Proctor discussing the venue with Show 2IC Fay Edgecombe

One of the Exhibition spaces

One of the exhibition spaces with our logo on the screen.

Excitement is building after the initial gathering of the scheduling committee for the 14th WAFA World Show 2024. This occurred over three days at the beginning of the October.

Those days were spent immersing ourselves in the exhibition spaces of the venue. Floor plans were studied. Discussions were held with venue staff, as well as exhibition and hire firms. Evenings included discussions on Show Rules, the ‘Vision’ for Flora Aotearoa and what ideas would make for great titles and interesting staging.

The venue tells the story of its place within Auckland through its fittings and artworks.  This has been taken on board as inspiration for specific design titles being assigned to particular areas.

The team had already gathered a number of titles and ideas for staging. Members of FASNZ had also sent in contributions.  Since then measurements and grids have been sourced. More Exhibition Hire firms have been consulted and a rough draft has been formed with a wide variety of colours, styles and staging being considered.